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Saw Mills

The Raring Corp Headquarters are located at the “Evergreen State”, so we are surrounded by saw, paper and pulp mills basically also located on the neighboring states of Oregon, Idaho and the province of British Columbia. We have done projects on this vast area but most of the jobs are concentrated in BC Canada. Like in other industries, the most problematic part of the material handling are the truck dumps followed by the front loaders operation and the stockpiles. The heat content of the Biomass depends on the moisture content, so it is not desirable to add much water to it. ADSTM Dry Fog looks like a good fit for controlling the dust for Biomass Handling. TRC Dust Suppression Systems uses a high-tech nozzle to brake the water particles into a fog of extremely small droplets that are in the same size range as the airborne respirable dust.  TRC FP nozzles use compressed air to transform water into the fog sized droplets needed to project the ADSTM Dry Fog with adequate kinetic energy where it’s needed and penetrate through opposing air flows. 

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