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Bag Houses Fine Discharge

Bag Houses Fine Discharge

When you think about controlling dust emissions you normally evaluate which technology fit better your needs and or budget to make a decision for which to use. In most of the dust control applications, Bag Houses and TRC ADSTM Dry Fog cannot work together because extraction systems sucks both air and dust from the source so if the Raring Corp ADSTM Agglomerative Dust Suppression System is been sprayed on that same dust source the bags migth get damaged. Nevertheles there is a great integration of these two technologies. The bag houses are really effective at controlling dust in some applications by sucking the dust generated at a specific point, and at some point the bag houses must discharge this high concentration of fines back to the process, causing a dust issues. By integrating the Raring Corp ADSTM Dry Fog System to the discharge of the bag houses TRC can efficiently solve this dust by agglomerating the dust particles and settling them down to the conveyor. TRC can offer this integration of both technologies either on an existing Bag House or supplying both ADSTM Dry Fog System and a brand new bag house (from our parent company Pimasa). 

Technologies TRC ADSTM DryFog, Conveyor Hats and Baffles

Industries Mining, Power Plants and Ports

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