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The Raring Corp is a "micro multinational” that has been on the Dust Control business for over 40 years with more than 700 systems installed all over the world.

We design and manufacture high quality and reliability equipment for controlling the dust using ADSTM Dust Suppression Systems. We constantly keep improving our products, keeping them competitive and looking for new applications for our systems. Our systems are able to work under the most demanding conditions, such as in high geographical heights of Peru, extreme cold in northern Canada or Russia, highly corrosive environments as in Madagascar and high temperatures as in Australia. The technology of ADSTM helps to take care of the environment, reduce the losses of processed material, maintain safely working environments and free of accumulation of material and most importantly to reduce the risks of workers getting silicosis. Our mission is to help our clients to ensure the sustainability of their businesses, protecting the environment by supplying highly efficient and reliable ADSTM dust suppression systems.


We have used our ADSTM Dry Fog to suppress dust from copper, gold, silver, manganese, molybdenum, iron, and nickel mineral in mines loted in North/South/Central America, Australia, South

ADSTM Dry Fog based dust control is rapidly gaining acceptance in ports and bulk storage facilities.

Agglomerative Dust Suppression Systems, ADSTM, has earned a reputation as an effective, low cost solution for the control of fugitive and nuisance dust in coal fired power plants.

Fog based dust control technology was first used in coal mining applications in 1995 in the Powder River Basin region of the western United States.

Latest News

TRC participating at the Pimasa Group's annual planing summit.

Through our local Representative in Chile, PIMASA we have commissioned the Dust Suppression Systems we supplied for the Chuquicamata Subterraneo project.

After 13 years of continuous operation, the TRC FP stems are still producing great fog. The photo of the stems in use was taken during the last maintenance service, we do quarterly at ADM.