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Coal Mining

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Fog based dust control technology was first used in coal mining applications in 1995 in the Powder River Basin region of the western United States. Today, roughly 300 million tons per annum are mined in that region using the technology and dust extraction is an all but extinct.

ADSTM Dust Control Systems do not add measurable moisture to the flow of coal, they do not create ice or other freezing problems in cold climates, and they do not require any chemical or especially clean water.

Properly designed and maintained fog systems can achieve 99% dust reduction in many applications.

ADS is the right choice for

  • Truck dumps
  • Conveyor transfers
  • Crushing and screening applications
  • Lowering wells (rill towers)

Fog is often used in conjunction with passive dust control technologies such as stilling sheds and engineered chutes.

TRC is the leader in the use of fog for truck dumps with stilling sheds. Contact us for references and a presentation.