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Coal Fired Power Stations

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Agglomerative Dust Suppression Systems, ADSTM, has earned a reputation as an effective, low cost solution for the control of fugitive and nuisance dust in coal fired power plants. It is an excellent alternative for dust extraction with bag houses and for upgrading existing dust control systems when plants convert to dustier coals such as PRB or unwashed south American sources.

A good example of how we managed to provide ADSTM Dry Fog into a Power Plant Facility is the turn-over car dumper projects we have done in the past, we have addressed the issues of containment, operation in sub-freezing weather, automated control, installation in a normal outage. The rotary dump applications incorporates our containment design and control. 

Where to Use Fog:

ADSTM is the right choice for

  • Truck Dumps
  • Rotary and Tippler Rail Dumps
  • Belly Rail Dumps
  • Reclaiming,
  • Transferring and loading coal, limestone, and fly ash
  • Crushing coal and limestone

Where To Use Water or Water with Chemical:

  • Open stockpiles
  • Coal moisture conditioning for storage