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Minerals Mining

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We have used our ADSTM Dry Fog to suppress dust from copper, gold, silver, manganese, molybdenum, iron, and nickel mineral in mines loted in North/South/Central America, Australia, South Africa, India, Europe and Asia. TRC Fog based ADSTM dust control technology is commonly used for the control of fugitive emissions at minerals mining installations in dry climates world-wide.

TRC ADSTM Dry Fog systems are a lower power, lower maintenance, and generally more effective alternative to the dust extraction/collection systems traditionally used in the mining industry prior to the introduction of Raring Corp ADSTM Dry Fog technology.


Where to Use Fog:

  • Truck and rail dumps
  • Truck and rail loading
  • ROM bins
  • Reclaim tunnels
  • Conveyor and feeder transfers
  • Crushing and screening applications

TRC ADSTM Dry Fog must  be used in conjunction with passive dust control technologies such as wind fences, stilling sheds, hats and engineered chutes.

Where To Use Water or Water with Chemical:

  • Open stockpiles
  • Roadways
  • Tailings ponds
  • All other dust sources that cannot be enclosed or contained

For best results, water should be added at multiple locations to uniformily increase the moisture content and get closer to the DEM level. We often combine water spray and fog systems to achieve optimum plant-wide dust control.

Our customer base includes virtually all of the major mining and mining engineering companies worldwide.