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Wind Fence

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We integrate windfences with ADSTM Dry Fog to combine passive and active technologies in one application. We normally do this on the Unloading Hopper at Ports facilities, Tripper Cars on mining facilities and Truck Dumps. Putting together a windfence and the ADSTM Dry fog from the Raring Corp, we can offer a pretty unique way to control the dust at these specific points. We have had successfully use this integration in many applications and in different industries. The most important requirement for ADSTM Dry Fog, to successfully work controlling the dust, is the need of containment. Adding a windfence is a good way to add the containment feature to the dust control system, maintaining the fog and dust on the controlled boundaries helps giving the fog the retention time needed for doing its job. Specifically, in ports we recommend our clients to consider both ADSTM dry fog and windfence on the unloading hoppers, which we have had implemented in several ports in different parts of the world, giving a successful solution for controlling the dust in a challenging and always difficult application. The hoppers are always exposed to wind gusts from different directions and the operation limits the amount of windfence to be installed, nevertheless the integration of these two technologies seems to be a good fit to our clients.


We can also supply windfences as an additional component to our ADSTM Dry Fog systems or as a standalone project. The following are some applications we can offer to you.