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Water Spray Systems (WSS)

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We also design and manufacture WSS to increase the material moisture and reach the DEM of the material and controlling the dust.

The Raring Corporations offer a wide variety of water based dust control systems. We can classify our Water Spray Systems in four categories as Follow:

  1. Deluge, is employed to spray water at truck beds during the truck dumps. Conditioning the top layer of the material really help dry Fog to control the dust.
  2. Mist, is used to add moisture to the material that is being dumped at a truck dump. This extra moisture will help to control the dust downstream and specially at stockpiles.
  3. Conditioning Systems, work together with Mist systems but we normally install them in transfer points. Conditioning Systems will add moisture to the material to control dust generation downstream.
  4. Yard Sprays, are used to spray water on stockpiles and keep the water surface wet to prevent dust generation.