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Rotary Rail Dumps

Rotary Rail Dumps

A Rotary Rail dump takes a lot of TRC ADSTM Dry Fog from many of our sonic FP10 nozzles. Critical to the performance of the  Raring Corp ADSTM Dust Control System is the high energy of the spray pattern projection and the correct design of the containment. The Raring Corp FP nozzles will be arranged in at least 3 clusters of them, in order to be able to spray at different stages of the dump. To build a successful ADSTM Agglomerative Dust Supression System for a rotary rail dump, on top of the TRC ADSTM Dry Fog System a curved wall and seal (containment) must be consider.

TRC ADSTM Dry Fog on this kind of applications notably improve visibility, which used to be obstructed by dust on original rotary rail dumps designs, which led to frequent unloading delays and maintenance problems like washing down after each train to remove many inches of dust from the hopper level machine floor and the track-level access platforms, which required a full shift.   After TRC's ADSTM Dry Fog System is commissioned and calibrated not more than one quarter inch of dust on the access and the machine's floor after five trains being dowloaded is expected to be accumulated. Additionaly, the Raring Corp's ADSTM Dry Fog system extremely reduced maintenance time to occasional nozzle cleaning and replacement, small valve repair and changing water filters.  The major maintenance associated with the previous operation is now gone.  Operating horsepower drops down to about 30 horsepower of compressed air, a dramatic operational cost reduction.  Each dump using TRC ADSTM Dry Fog Suppression System is now a ten-minute job and can be dispensed without risk of explosion during cold weather.  

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