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Barge/Ship or Truck Loading/Unloading

Barge or Ship Loading/Unloading

Controlling the ust at Ship loaders is a bit difficult and each one presents its own challenges.  Containment becomes more difficult and most of the time an operational modification is needed to help minimize the amount of dust generated. What happen when a ship is being load with bulk material is that the material falls free down into the ship bunker and when it hits the bottom, the dust starts coming out from the sides of the pile that is being build.  The wind does not help at all and it can get into the ship bunker blowing the dust out of it. On this specific application the Raring Corp totally recommend considering a PEBCO telescopic chute integrated with a TRC ADSTM Dry Fog spray ring located at the bottom end of the chute, providing to the dust control system both the containment required (PEBCO telescopic chute) and the Active Dust Control System (The Raring Corp's Agglomerative Dust Suppression or ADSTM Dry Fog System). The telescopic chute will help to load the bunker from the top of the pile, all the time, and the spray ring will generate enough ADSTM Dry Fog to fill the bunker with a dense cloud of TRC Fog to keep the dust inside of the ship bunker. When dust is generated, and the spray ring is fogging, dust gets together with the Raring Corp's ADSTM Dryfog, the dust particles become heavier and they settle down into the bunker.

Technologies ADSTM Dry Fog, Rubber Curtains, Telescopic Chute

Industries Ports

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