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Transfer Points & Reclaim Tunnels Transfers

Transfer Points & Reclaim Tunnels Transfers

This application consist on a trasfer between two conveyors belts, where TRC ADSTM Dry Fog is a very good way to control the dust in situ. To build a successfull dust control solution, the Raring Corp's ADSTM Dry Fog must work together with good enclosures such as head boxes, chutes, hats, double lip skirting and baffles. All these features will give containment and residence time required by TRC ADSTM Dry Fog to work properly and solve any dust issue on your plant.

TRC Water Spray Systems (WSS) can be used on transfer points but for the porpuse of controlling the dust downstream and not where is generated.  By using the Raring Corp's on transfer points TRC is conditioning the material to get an homogeneous material with less probability for creating dust.

Technologies TRC ADSTM DryFog,  Raring Corp's Water Spray Systems, Conveyor Hats, Baffles

Industries Mining, Power Plants, Ports, Wood industry and more.


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