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Bins / Tripper Car Discharge

Bins / Tripper Car Discharge

On top of bins which could be feeded by a conveyor or a tripper car the Raring Corp can install TRC ADSTM Dry Fog in two different ways: either mounting  TRC FP10 nozzles travelling with the head chute or stationary TRC FP10 nozzles mounted on both sides of the hoppers. The challenge for this application is to keep the Raring Corp ADSTM Dry Fog and dust, generated by the discharge, inside of the Bins. A Passive Dust Control System will dramatically help doing so. We can provide windfences to be mounted all along both sides of the hoppers or TRC can hel you design a stilling shed on top of the bins. 

Technologies TRC ADSTM Dry Fog Systems, Windfences, Stilling Sheds

Industries Mining, Power Plants, Ports

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