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Primary Crusher

Primary Crusher

Most of the Primary Crushers are feeded by truck dumps, which is one of the most difficult application for controlling dust. Users normally do not design & build eco friendly Primary Crusher's mouthes, because their business is about of moving material. Dustless Primary Crushers must consider at least a Pasive Dust Control System (single truck dump, windfence/stilling shed, deflectors and baffles) and an Active Dust Control System (TRC ADSTM Dust Suppression System). The Passive Dust Control System features of the dust control system will help isolate dust and the Raring Corp's ADSTM Dry fog from the external conditions, giving fog containment and retention time to agglomerate the dust and settle it back to the process.  

On Primary Crushers TRC can integrate ADSTM Dry Fog and other Raring Corp technologies such as Deluge, Mist, Windfence/Stilling Shed to increase the performance of the Dust Control System. Automation, Positioning Sensors, Traffic Lights, Compressor, Air Water Filtration Skid and Pump Skids are some of TRC's technologies that we can integrate to the Raring Corp Dust Control Systems.

Technologies TRC ADSTM Dry Fog, Raring Corp Deluge, TRC Mist, Windfence / Stilling shed
Industries Mining


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