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Application of Fog

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Dust is collected in a fog based system by the agglomeration (coming together) of airborne dust particles with airborne water droplets of like size.  The sooner the fog attacks the dust, the faster will be the process.  It is important, then, to project fog so that it blankets the dust source and begins the agglomeration process before the dust distributes into the larger volume and becomes harder to capture.

The principle of operation is agglomeration of like-sized water and dust particles.  As the agglomerates become larger and heavier, they settle back onto the source material, and carry through the process without any special handling. 

When water droplets are significantly larger than dust particles, the air displaced by the moving water droplet conveys the dust particle around the water droplet preventing collision.

ADS™ fog technology works in hot, cold, humid, and arid climates.  The tiny water droplets do not freeze under normal cold weather conditions due to their small size, as clouds do not freeze.  In hot, dry climates, the systems produce their own humid environment limiting the amount of evaporation and allowing the system to function efficiently.