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The Road Sprayer

A good example of a new research and development product is what we have called ‘The Road Sprayer’. This prototype equipment consist on a stand-alone skid capable to store, dose and spray the required amount of solution, both to the ground and the slopes on both sides of the road and the most important thing, it is light enough and small enough to fit on the back of a pick-up truck and does not blocks the rear mirror’s visibility. Pimasa, our Distributor in Chile, successfully sprayed the roads at the copper mine siteand satisfied the client's needs.

Recent news

TRC participating at the Pimasa Group's annual planing summit.

Through our local Representative in Chile, PIMASA we have commissioned the Dust Suppression Systems we supplied for the Chuquicamata Subterraneo project.

After 13 years of continuous operation, the TRC FP stems are still producing great fog. The photo of the stems in use was taken during the last maintenance service, we do quarterly at ADM.

Yesterday we started up the fog system at the truck dump at Buzzi in the USA. The plant did a good job mounting the system, which facilitates our job at starting up this dust suppression system.

The Fog system we sold to buzzi for controlling the dust at the truck dump is already installed and we will be commissioning it after Thanksgiving weekend.