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We have used our ADSTM Dry Fog to suppress dust from copper, gold, silver, manganese, molybdenum, iron, and nickel mineral in mines loted in North/South/Central America, Australia, South

ADSTM Dry Fog based dust control is rapidly gaining acceptance in ports and bulk storage facilities.

Agglomerative Dust Suppression Systems, ADSTM, has earned a reputation as an effective, low cost solution for the control of fugitive and nuisance dust in coal fired power plants.

Fog based dust control technology was first used in coal mining applications in 1995 in the Powder River Basin region of the western United States.

Últimas Noticias

In the July edition of the Dry Cargo magazine, Gonzalo Campos, General Manager of TRC, published an article about the experience of TRC in the implementation of ADSTM powder control systems in rotating train discharges.

In March 2018, TRC toured South Africa to prospect for dust control projects in the country and in the region.

During the month of June, TRC developed a new application for the ADSTM dry fog system, controlling in a better way, the dust in the sawmills. This point has two saw blades that cut the logs, which produces sawdust, and a hopper down that gathers all the dust from the saw.