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Measurement of the efficiency of dust suppression systems.

One of the most difficult things to control pollution through dust suppression systems is to anticipate and measure the efficiency of it, writes Gonzalo Campos Canessa, CEO of TRC, in his Dry Cargo magazine article for the month of May.

His article is based on the methodology developed by TRC for one of his clients, consisting of working based on:

1. The amount of base powder (Cbg) obtained by measuring the amount of ambient dust in the vicinity of the selected transfer point (transfer from conveyor 10E to 10F). Ventilation Systems in normal operation, but with the production systems of the unit grinder and the dust suppression system do not work.

2. The amount of total environmental dust (Cwi) obtained by measuring ambient dust, at the same point as before. The ventilation and production systems of the Unitary Mill in normal operation, but with the Dust Suppression Systems do not work.

3. The remaining environmental dust (Cads) Measured at the same point of transfer with the ventilation, production and dust suppression.


Recent news

After 13 years of continuous operation, the TRC FP stems are still producing great fog. The photo of the stems in use was taken during the last maintenance service, we do quarterly at ADM.

Yesterday we started up the fog system at the truck dump at Buzzi in the USA. The plant did a good job mounting the system, which facilitates our job at starting up this dust suppression system.

The Fog system we sold to buzzi for controlling the dust at the truck dump is already installed and we will be commissioning it after Thanksgiving weekend.

After 25 years operating their truck dump with our ADS Dry Fog System, Robinson Copper decided to upgrade and replace the old equipment at their facility.

During november the TRC team participated in a new Innovation Workshop. This time we learnt skills for prototyping and we applied them into real projects we are currently working on.